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Reduce the complexity of your switch to a Design for Recycling flowpack.


Switching to PE-flowpacks made easy.
Let’s be honest: Introducing a new packaging is never easy, especially when there are many parameters to be taken into account and you need to set up your future packaging strategy in line with the PPWR.
While we cannot make these decisions for you, we can certainly support you! Here's how:

Find a diverse range of PE-based flowpacks and the know-how to use them. 

Monoflow(re) E-type

Running on vertical flowpackers.

Monoflow(re) E-type

In different shapes.

Monoflow(re) E-type

Also on horizontal flowpackers.

The right film:

Our MonoFlow(re) E-type is a high barrier Design for Recycling flowpack solution based on PE. Depending on your product, machine, and further parameters we can chose from a wide portfolio of structures: MDO-PE, BOPE, barriers, printing technologies, low S.I.T. and much more. Our experts will guide you on which specification works best for you!


PE based flowpack

Speed to market: 

Starting a new packaging project can take you through many unexpected ups and downs. Having navigated numerous challenges in earlier projects and encountered a multitude of products along the way, we have ruled out many erroneous options. This experience is truly helpful for every new customer embarking on a packaging project.


High-speed flexible packaging solutions

Expert support:

Life gets easier when you have trusted sources that take you on short cuts to the best possible result. This is even true for experts like you. With a longstanding history in packaging R&D and production, and a focus on Design for Recycling packaging solutions, we can fill in the missing pieces and be a reliable sparring partner to you.


Expert support on flexible packaging

Reduced complexity:

Besides PE-based flowpacks, we have established an entire portfolio of PE-based packaging solutions. So in case you are looking for further products to be packed but do not want to enlarge your supplier portfolio, we can also help with shrink bags, top webs, flexible bottom webs and twist wraps.


Flexible packaging solutions

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About our experts.


Flexible packaging experts - adapa Group

Our R&D team specializes in flexible packaging solutions, leveraging extensive expertise in PE-films and their conversion. Benefit from decades of experience spanning every step of the value chain, from extrusion to bag making.

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